WHAT’S UP IN INTERVENTIONAL CARDIOLOGY 2018 From device to therapy: now you can


The management of complex patients represents today a model of integrated work among specialists where the exchange of information and the coordination of the various figures involved is essential for optimize the therapeutic results and use the available resources in a rational way. Prevention cardiovascular, priority indicated by the guideline, and management of therapy in patients with multiple problems, subjected to increasingly complex procedures, requires close collaboration between specialists so as to create a hospital 'network' - territory able to identify patients at higher risk, to quickly draw up a shared diagnostic path, to set up precociously optimal pharmacological and interventional therapies and to optimize follow-up.

L'evento è in programma il prossimo 15 settembre 2018 presso l'hotel NH di Parma in collaborazione con Chiesi Farmaceutici. 


Hotel NH Parma